Administrative Building

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has very well developed administrative building having classrooms, Audioterium, soil & water analysis laboratory, & Bioagent production unit, meeting hall, well furnished office The classrooms are well furnished & are supported by the audiovisual aids.

Soil & Water Testing Lab

This well equipped laboratory analyses soil & water samples at reasonable rates. The laboratory is supported with computer software for more precise interpretation of results. Every soil sample is analyzed for eight parameters such as pH, Electric Conductivity, Organic carbon, available nitrogen, available phosphorus, & available Potassium, Exchangeable sodium, Calcium & magnesium content.

Bio-Fertilizer Lab

This unit produces & provides different bio-control agents & biofertilizers on no profit & no loss basis. like Trichoderma, Neempowder, Azeotobacter, Acetobactor, Rhizobium and PSB

Farm Implement Museum

The Krishi Vigyan Kendra has several farm implements viz bullock & tractor drawn as well as manual drawn in this museum. Farmers can get detail information about them at Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Farmers from surrounding village get these impliments & service from this custom hiring  center . The technology of  BBF Planter which is beneficial for resource conservation is also promoted in farmers from dryland farming since last 5 years years.

Vemicompost Unit

  • Vermicompost is stable, fine, granular organic manure, which enrich soil quality biologically & physiochemically.
  • Vemicompost unit comprises 7 pit having size 20 feet in lengh, 3 feet in breath & 2.5 feet in height of each.
  • The earth worm species i.e. Eisenia fetida is being used for vermicompost preparation.    

Goatery Unit

  • KVK is having goatry unit (800 X 30 feet) where prestigious goat bread of this region i.e. Osmanabadi is being reared with Semi- Intensive method
  • Pure Osmanabadi kids arer being distributed to farmers for doubling thir income.

Cattle Unit

  • KVK having cattle unit where valuable indigenous cattle breads viz, Gir, Deoni, Tharparkar & Red Kandhari are being reared.
  • Cattle unit is comprising of trail to tail & loose housing system. 

Azolla Unit

  • Azolla a supplementary feed is a good source of protein (25-35%), minerals (10-15%) & amino acids for livestock.
  • Looking to the nutritive value of azolla a demonstration cum azolla production unit has been developed by KVK havingsize 20 X 20 feet. 

Multi Tier System

  • KVK is having multi tire model with aim to demonstration of farmer for doubling their income.
  • Livestock species viz 5 goat, 25 chicken birds, 10 ducks & fish are being reared in this model.
  • It helps in uplifting of rural families by earning round the year income.
  • It is an efficient way of increasing production per unit area with low inputs.

Hydroponic Unit

  • KVK is having hydroponics green fodder production unit with view for demonstration purpose for livestock rearing.
  • The green fodder is grown up by using Maize & Wheat seeds.

Poultry Unit

KVK is having poultry unit where backyard poultry breeds i.e Kaveri, DO cross & Kadaknath are being eased. The different age groups chicks of (1,14,21,30 days old) are being distributed to farmer for doubling their income.

Nursery Unit

  • KVK has fruit crop nursery having graft of mango Guava & seedling of aonla, K.line, Drumstick, Bamboo etc.
  • Nursery run by KVK to make available truthful grafts at govt. rate to farmers. 

Vegetable seedling Unit

  • KVK has vegetable seedling nursery to produce & make available proper varieties to farmers.
  • The diseases & pest free seedlings are producing in protective shades & make available according to farmers demand. 

Protective Cultivation

  • KVK has poly house & mist unit for demonstration.
  • KVK is producing vegetable in this & demonstrated how the cultivation can be done in these units.